Oil & Gaz is rooted from an urban perception. The Brand's goal is to reach people with the same simple value of life and met the growing needs of active societies. A fundamental part of our belief is that we are totally connected to modern aspirations and life's challenges.

Oil & Gaz aims to create sporty gear that's perfectly suited to your activity, to develop and create components for people to live casual, happier and healthier fun lives.

We have started by producing some technical athletic apparel for gym, running, dancing and mainly other casual hobbies and recreations.

And to accompany your best in your daily activity, a deliberate range of carefully measured lines and accessories ranging from street wear, beach wear, summery and tactical.


We design our stores to create an energetic and urban experience for you to come and live the identified Oil & Gaz experience.

We want you to have the freedom to circulate in our vigorous environment and be captivated by our collection.


Power and continuous challenge for energy keeping and renewal are the headlines of the actual times, hence the name Oil & Gaz. It reflects our contemporary times and conveys endless energy. The type of energy that is invigorating and keeps us going on to the top.

Active, rich and diversified professionals joined their forces to launch, a brand new businessman, a sport's commercial expert and a marketer decided to give the best of development and experience to Oil & Gaz.

The brand is given a date of birth of 1985, 30 years, the age of maturity and determination.

This is how determined we are to give you a trademark that is rooted and resolved to satisfy the growing market demand.


The positive union of the dedicated professionals sealed to create a brand. Oil & Gaz logo reflects this seal by blending two letters, O and G into united and continuous path.

The black shows determination and authority while the yellow reflects all the energy.

Our slogan says it all!